We offer all levels of Pole Dancing from beginner to advanced at our studio as well as speciality classes such as exotic and routine based.


Level 1 - This is for first time polers or someone who wants to refresh their techniques. This entry level class is all about helping to find your way around the pole. You will learn a variety of spins, combos and floorwork to help build your grip, strength and stamina. (and all whilst in the comfort of your favourite pair of leggings).


Level 2 - This level focuses on increasing your strength both upright and upside down! You will learn how to use your body to hold yourself on the pole for longer periods of time and in more daring positions. 


Level 3 - This level is where we start to get serious about leg grips. The ultimate goal is focusing on moves with no hands.  


Level 4 - This level begins to focus on transitions from one move to another to create effortless, flowing combinations all while teaching you challgening new moves.


Level 5 - This is where we prepare you for the more challenging moves. This level will refresh your technique while working on conditioning moves to get you ready for our Advanced level.


Level 6 - Have fun learning the challenging, the scary and the creative moves you see all over Instagram!


Not sure what level you are? We understand every studio is a little different and levels can differ slightly. Please feel free to arrange a private with one of our instructors who can do a level assessment with you and make sure you choose a class that is best suited to you.


If you don't have one already, you will need to create a GymMaster member login to book into classes. You can do this via the gym master signup portal at: https://polesisters.gymmasteronline.com/portal/signup



Pole Dancing

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